Chaos! in the City of Splendor

All great things must start somewhere, I suppose!

I’m writing this way after the fact, but I’m looking back on the first ever proper AL event we at Melbourne D&D Adventurers League managed to put together and it feels much like an origin story for us. Before this, we had previously had special game nights like on Halloween or Christmas with a mixture of themed mods and homebrew content, but this was an Epic experience surpassing even those! (See what I did there?)

Chaos in the City of Splendor is an interactive and somewhat competitive adventure set in Waterdeep that has the players taking up the banners of the different factions of the city to get the leg up on their competition in the hopes of striking it big and finding treasure! Of course, I had decided to go beyond just sitting back and being an administrator to DM for the superior faction: Bregan D’aerthe! I’m cosplaying the completely innocent barmaid Meggin, taking time away from her job at The Ship’s Prow to guide Team WWJD (What would Jarlaxle do?) on their misadventures. This also began my now time-honoured tradition of dragging up for D&D!

At the end of the day we didn’t win (that honor went to the Force Grey who was just an unstoppable force tbh). We had a close and bitter rivalry with one of the Zhentarim groups, which I will blame for our lack of victory *cough*.

Over-all, I’d say our first Adventurers League Epic was an overwhelming success! We had both regulars and newcomers alike join us and I dare say we converted quite a few folks to AL!

We even managed to make it onto the D&D Twitch stream! (With yours truly of course making the opening photo lol)

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