You can call me Alek, your friendly neighbourhood pop culture geek moonlighting as a digital designer.

I’m an inquisitive gung-ho creative type who likes to get their hands dirty and dive right into the very concepts that drive the internet age. While other geeks might turn to traditional media and entertainment for their pop-culture fix, I take a little bit of that and pair it up with the fast paced world of the internet and social media. New Media, Social Media, these are the sort of things that fuel my outlook on design. We’ve got to adapt, stop resisting and embrace change to keep ahead of the curve.

Professionally,  not very good with titles. But to try and sum up what I am, I’m a Digital Designer with experience in Graphic Design, Art Direction and Illustration.

A background in both Advertising and Marketing has helped me sharpen my skills in conceptualisation and ideation, primarily focusing on Digital & Social Media. A stint in client liaison has taught me to think of both the users and stakeholders and figure out how to make things work for both. And a lifelong passion for innovation and collaboration has taught me if we work together towards a common goal, we can do great things.



+ Proficient with design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.
+ Adept at both Digital, ATL, and BTL design and layout
+ Excellent at understanding visual identity & have a strong sense of branding


+ Well-versed in ideating campaigns across all mediums and channels
+ Highly experienced creating holistic, integrated campaigns
+ Quick to understand Brand Identity and Voice


+ Meticulous when it comes to organisation and oversight
+ Seasoned and well skilled in client liaison, pitching and presentations
+ Proficient in the use of project management tools, platforms and software


De La Salle College of St. Benilde
AB Multi-Media Arts  & Animation
Manila, Philippines
2008 – 2012

Holmesglen Institute
Diploma – Digital and Interactive Game Design
Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia
2017 – 2019 (Current)


AECC Global
Melbourne  |  September 2017 – Current

Marketing Officer, Global Marketing team. In charge of managing campaigns on digital platforms. Oversaw the production of assets and materials such as photos and videos, create content for digital platforms.

Manila  |  September 2016 – June 2017

Designer, Philippine Marketing department. In-charge of creating and designing all the Marketing material (both online, print and executions). Tasked with overseeing and creating the production of assets and materials such as photos and videos to be used by Marketing & Sales teams.

Manila  |  November 2015 – September 2016

Board Game Coach, Part time. Taught customers how to play the various board games available at the Lounge, acted as a moderator and facilitator for games and private parties, and helped out as front-of house doing tasks such as taking orders, cleaning and handling payments.

Manila  |  March 2014 – May 2016

Designer, Global Marketing and Communications department. In-charge of creating and designing all the Marketing material, both online and print. Part of the team that conceptualizes the different campaigns, be it on Social Media, On-Ground or Internal. Worked very closely with Content and Social Media teams. Was also responsible for overseeing the freelance designers hired to assist in the creation of larger campaigns.

Manila  |  September 2013 – March 2014

Art Director, Agent Image. Oversaw the creation of custom websites for clients in America. In charge of the Design Phase of the projects, taking care of the client and seeing to it that their vision for their site was met and executed. Managed graphic designers and developers in the building of the site throughout the design phase.

Manila  |  July 2012 – September 2013

Art Director, Creative Department. Part of the team responsible for the ideation and execution of all Digital campaigns. Hands-on at every phase of the various projects, which ranged from social media campaigns, micro sites, digital marketing and other digital content.

Clients handled include: UNICEF, Globe, Jewelmer, Citibank, Various Unilever brands, Doublemint, etc.

Previously part of Media Contacts who later merged with MPG & Collab to form Havas Media Ortega.