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You can call me Alek, your friendly neighbourhood dungeons, dragons, dolls and d-queer media (I tried!) geek moonlighting as a digital marketer.

I’m an inquisitive gung-ho creative type who likes to get their hands dirty and dive right into the concepts and trends that drive the internet age. A background in both Advertising and Marketing has helped me sharpen my skills in conceptualisation and ideation, primarily focusing on Digital & Social Media. New Media, Social Media- all these fuel my outlook on design. We’ve got to adapt, stop resisting and embrace change to keep ahead of the curve, after all.

Professionally, I’m not very good with titles. But to try and sum up what I am, I’m a Digital Marketer with experience in Graphic Design & Art Direction, Illustration, Project Management and Community & Events Management.

If you want to know more about me, feel free to snag my resume here!