Faceup Commissions

In the short while I’ve been in this hobby, have realized that I really enjoy painting dolls. One of my favourite aspects of the hobby is doing their faceups, and I think I’ve gotten fairly good at it. If you like the way I paint, don’t hesitate to hit me up for a commission!


  1. Fill up the Order Form and message me.
  2. I will confirm your slot and discuss the faceup with you.
  3. Ship your doll’s head to me.
  4. I will inform you when I start working on your doll.
  5. I will send progress shots according to your chosen option. Please be as vocal as you can be about any comments or changes you want made.
  6. Once finished, I will send you the finished shot for your approval.
  7. Pay the amount discussed for your commission.
  8. I send the head back to you.


Faceup:: $45
Removal of Old Faceup :: $10
Eyelashes* :: $5
Tattoos or Scars** :: $5
Mani-pedi:: $15

For modifications and other services, please shoot me an email or private message to get a quote.

*If you have your own lashes, I can attach them for free.
**Base price. To be further discussed.

Prices do not include the price of shipping back to you.



Please make sure to protect your head and wrap it carefully. Make sure to include a doll facemask or something I can use to protect the faceup and lashes when sending it back.

I would really appreciate it if you also sent the eyes and wig meant for the character so I can show you what it looks like and use it to better match the faceup, but that’s only a suggestion.


I ship via AusPost and you have the option to go with Economy Air, Standard or Express. I will almost always ship back to you in the same box you sent your head in, but I will make sure it is properly packaged even if I use another box.


Before you decide to commission me, please be aware of a few important things!

  • As you can see from my work, I have preference and strength in certain things. If you want to commission something that is far different from my normal style, please be aware that I cannot promise it will come out as good as something I’m comfortable with.
  • Commissions will take anywhere from 3-5 weeks after I receive the head. As much as possible, I want to finish heads within two weeks of receiving them, but there will always potentially be some factors such as weather conditions among other things and potentially scheduling conflicts on my end.
  • On principle, I will not exactly replicate another artist’s faceup.
  • Please, PLEASE include a facemask when you give me your doll. (If you have none, I might be able to buy one for you, but this is not guaranteed.)
  • It is my prerogative to accept or deny any commission requests.
  • If at any point in time, you are very unhappy with the work I have done and no longer wish to pursue the commission, I am willing to send your blank head back to you and not charge you for the work. (Shipping will still need to be paid for.)

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