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Geirvortur the Viking CatAutodesk Maya, 3D Coat2018 Created for the Holmesglen 2018 Game Jam. One of two Viking cat enemies trying to lay siege on the island you are on. His name means nipples. See him in 3D on SketchFab.

The Vanguard

Aberration: A Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Game Behind the facade of the shining utopian city hides a dark secret. All deemed unworthy are rounded up and forced into a desolate wasteland away from the rest of civilization in hopes of keeping their city pure and perfect. The troublemakers, the deviant, the imperfect- the Aberrations- are …

Ad Astra In finis Mundi

Ad Astraet finis mundi “What’s out up there in the stars, Oddy?” a young girl asks in between bites of her protein bar. The blonde thirteen year old sits on the edge of the roof of the abandoned hangar, her large cat lazing on her lap. They both look to the skies and watch the lights …