Boys who are cats.

Picture this: what if all the cats in the world got turned into nekomimi? (A nekomimi, simply put, is a  catgirl or catboy. A human with cat features.)

I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. So I drew it out!


This is single dad Curtis, his 9 year old daughter Siouxsie and their black cat Charcoal.

Siouxsie and her alt-styled father’s have completely different reactions now that their beloved black cat Charcoal is now a hot 20-something cat boy.

When Charcoal was a cat, he loved Siouxsie but ignored Curtis no matter how much the man tried to get the cat to bond with him. Because cat logic says to repay too much attention with the cold shoulder. But now that he’s a weirdly hot catboy, Curtis feels really awkward about being as affectionate to a person. So cat logic demands that Charcoal be super lambing now that it makes Curtis uncomfortable.

He still acts the same way with Siouxsie and the two get along great. She doesn’t quite understand her father’s dilemma.


Next is 25 year old Elway and his gargantuan Chausie he so creatively named Geoffrey Chaucer.

Elway doted on Geoffrey Chaucer when he was his pampered cuddly-yet-over sized cat. How could he not? Elway was always introverted and shy and always preferred the company of animals. The friends he did have, he spent communicated with primarily through phone or online.

The problem was, that huge cat he doted on became a huge catboy, dwarfing the easily anxious Elway easily.

Geoffrey does not see why Elway can’t continue to pamper him the same way he used to, which involved a lot of belly rubs and baby talk. Elway cannot convey how flustered his cat’s new appearance makes him and isn’t quite yet willing to admit how his cat’s more masculine physique makes him feel insecure about his own looks.


The next group is made up of  27 year old Marco and his tabby orange tabby Dorito and the 29 year old Johnny and his two cats, the white Persian, Snow White, and his Maine Coon Beast.

Marco started having to take his tabby cat Dorito with him when he left home lest he get into too much trouble when left alone in their small apartment.

Johnny shares a comfy house with his siblings but works from home and takes care of the family cats. He runs into Marco once and the two hit it off. He volunteers to take care of Dorito while Marco is at work since they live close to each other.

Dorito on the other hand, has taken a liking to Johnny’s cat, Beast, the same way Marco has for Johnny. Beast however, is both incredibly dense about Dorito and super protective of Johnny, who he thinks of as easy to take advantage of (plus he thinks Marco is an idiot).

Snow White, as it turns out, is the better at cock blocking Marco and Johnny but pushes Beast and Dorito together because she thinks its funny.


The last idea involved the cat loving dentist Warren, his cats named after CATS characters and a stray people called Scarface.

Scarface often hung around the area surrounding Warren’s house/clinic but was generally not well regarded by Warren’s 3 cats. Warren wants to take Scarface in but Scarface enjoys being a roaming stray as much as he secretly enjoys Warren taking care of him.

And that’s what I’ve got so far.

I dunno why I put as much effort as I did onto this given that I swore to be more dedicated in my other comic idea, La-iann.

As George R. R. Martin said, “Ideas are cheap. I have more ideas now than I could ever write up. To my mind, it’s the execution that is all-important.“. I need to work on actually producing my ideas rather than always get stuck conceptualizing.

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