Stardock, Under Siege!

Luke as a no-allegiance Mindflayer, selling spell casting services.

Yesterday, we at Melbourne D&D Adventurers League organised our second ever Epic, Stardock Under Siege! This 3.5-hour long interactive module saw 65 of our local players scramble into action to protect the asteroid base known as Stardock from falling into the hands of an Illithid army who wished to take over.

There were 13 tables of tier 1 – 3 (levels 1-16) players doing different missions to help fortify Stardock and pre-emptively take out some of the Illithid forces.

Yours truly played Commander Urlon, the main administrator and quest-giver of the Epic. I didn’t have much in the way of a costume, and by the end of it, the so-so faux gravitas in my voice had worn off from all the yelling, but I feel I did my part in setting the mood. I at least got almost every team captain to salute me as they delivered their mission reports.

Lauren (DM) running one of the Tier 3 tables.

Don’t tell our players, but I was completely worried they wouldn’t be able to finish the last battle successfully. I had set the sheet up to easily count and tally the totals we were getting as we were getting them, and at 15 minutes in, they had only hit the last ship for 3.6% of it’s total HP. Things were looking dire.

But in the next 5 minutes, everyone proceeded to wipe the floor with the enemies and finished in only about 6 more minutes! The Nautiloid exploded with minutes to spare!

This was the first time we hosted an epic at this event, and there were definitely a lot of learnings we could take away from it, but judging by the response we got after, for our first big proper event, it went amazingly!

See more photos from the event.

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