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The Vanguard

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A Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Game

Behind the facade of the shining utopian city hides a dark secret. All deemed unworthy are rounded up and forced into a desolate wasteland away from the rest of civilization in hopes of keeping their city pure and perfect. The troublemakers, the deviant, the imperfect- the Aberrations- are all imprisoned, forced to fight for their lives for the limited number of resources they have in order to survive.

Play as one of the city’s unwanted as you battle to stay alive. Face off against other players and be the last one left standing.

Aberration was the final project for my Diploma of Interactive game design wherein each person contributed a playable character on top of other aspects of the game.

My character was named The Vanguard. View The Vanguard and her Dwan Spade on Sketchfab.

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