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Ad Astra In finis Mundi

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Ad Astra
et finis mundi

“What’s out up there in the stars, Oddy?” a young girl asks in between bites of her protein bar. The blonde thirteen year old sits on the edge of the roof of the abandoned hangar, her large cat lazing on her lap. They both look to the skies and watch the lights twinkle against the black-blue abyss above.

In the morning, she dons her backpack as she and the brown cat head into the the forest, a checklist of the items in hand.

Ad Astra et Finis Mundi is a concept of an exploration adventure mobile game about a young girl named Penny Yanatar &  her cat Oddy. Alone in an abandoned laboratory at what looks like the end of the world, Penny and Oddy dream of completing a rocket to the stars, and possibly, to her father.

Penny & Oddy‘s preliminary models.

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