▼▼ Why Taobao? ▼▼

I’ve written in length about the benefits of buying from taobao, and even have a tutorial on how to search for items on the site. If you’re unfamiliar with how to navigate taobao, please check my introductory blog on it here.

▼▼ Why Group Order? ▼▼

Essentially, I do it because I like helping people who might not otherwise be able to use Taobao out. Another benefit is that Group Orders usually let us split the cost of shipping and can save on that.

▼▼ Scope & Fees ▼▼

I have a few rules for the items that can be bought during this GO.

  • Items must be for BJDs. No buying of human clothes or full sized items.
  • No large or heavy items. I am defining heavy as more than 1kg for a single item.
  • No full dolls or doll heads. Smaller parts like hands and feet will be permitted.

Payments are made in two parts. The first payment is for the item. Your item total is made up of the item price, the domestic shipping from the shop to the agent & the agent fee.

The second payment is for international shipping from the agent to us (me) here. The way I split payment for international shipping is 50% is divided equally among the participants & the other 50% will be divided according to the weight of your order.

A breakdown of payments as well as tracking of orders is available on this sheet.

▼▼ Process ▼▼

  1. Orders will be taken until February 2. You can PM me on facebook to submit your order and ask whatever other questions you might have. I would appreciate if you used this form to order.
  2. After all orders have been collected, I will compute for your first payment total which you must pay as soon as possible. I cannot order until everyone has paid.
  3. Keep an eye on the Sheet as I will routinely update it with which items have arrived with the agent. Please be patient, especially with clothing, as a lot of clothing is made to order. It is not unusual for it to take a month for all orders to arrive.
  4. Upon completion of all orders, the agent will send quick images of the orders. (Quick meaning not close up and more to just show that the item is there rather than be able to tell it’s condition.) I will share this with you guys and give you a day to check it out and raise any concerns.
  5. If all is okay, the agent will let us know about the total amount we will need to pay for shipping. They will usually give some shipping options, but so far, I have found Aramex to be fast and reliable for shipping form my agent to here.
  6. Package arrives. Meetups will be arranged and we all get our stuff! Yay!