Mini Monster Menagerie

Mini Monster Menagerie

Various baby versions of D&D Monsters. Formerly named the Baby Bestiary until I realised there was already a kickstarter of...

Garnett Mage

Redrawing of old artwork of an original character.Clip Studio Pro 2019


Geirvortur the Viking Cat. Created for the Holmesglen 2018 Game Jam. One of two Viking cat enemies trying to lay...

The Vanguard

Aberration: A Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Game Behind the facade of the shining utopian city hides a dark secret. All...

Spirits of the Philippine Archipelago

Illustrations of some mythical creatures of Philippine folklore, created for The Spirits of the Philippine Archipelago.PaintTool Sai 2018


Various pieces designed for StickerCon 2018PaintTool Sai 2018

Ad Astra In finis Mundi

Ad Astraet finis mundi “What’s out up there in the stars, Oddy?” The little girl asks in between bites of...