[D&D] Session One: Trouble in Red Larch

  • Dyno Mite, a Dwarven Barbarian with a troubled past. The last of her clan, the temperamental dwarf seeks vengeance against the goblins who wronged her.
  • Erevan Foshem, a Firbolg Druid who cares deeply about taking care of nature. Erevan can be a bit shy and unaware of social cues.
  • Sarkas, a Half-Elf Warlock gunning to gain nobility in any way he can. He’s a sweet-talking merchant who’s gone through many ups and downs in his life.
  • Steve, a Triton Cleric who cares not for the norms of the Surface world. Abrasive and unrepentant, Steve wants nothing less than perfection.
  • Torin, an Elven Sorcerer on the run from his other-wordly noble upbringing. Freethinking and free spirited, you would be hard pressed to assume he was anything more than a simple hermit.

After a few days travel north of Waterdeep, the party makes to the town of Red Larch. After experiencing crazy weather patterns the entire journey, the five are glad to be in a town and no longer battling the elements on the open road.

With business on the mind, the genteel pair, Sarkas & Torin, first decide to visit the Smithy to see if they can upgrade their weaponry. Always after a good deal, Sarkas convinces Red Larch’s smith, Eldras Tantur, to trade their weapons for two rapiers. Managing to convince him that his weapons were of the finest quality from the best forges at Waterdeep, Eldras gives them up for a bargain price.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party go to seek libations elsewhere. Stood in front of both the Swinging Sword Inn & the Helm at Highsun, Dyno & Erevan (who had enchanted himself to appear as an elf) opt for the more peaceful atmosphere at the Swinging Sword.

They’re greeted by the Inn’s proprietress, Kaylessa Irkell, who, thanks to the pair’s mixed signals, mistake them for a couple. She serves them ale and tells them of the rumours she hears of the troubles in Red Larch. From the bandits along the Long road, to the crazy, erratic weather, to supposed sightings of monsters by the forests that surround Lance Rock. She tells the two she believes that Lance Rock plays a part in the strange happenings somehow even if she can’t explain it.

Across the street at the same time, Steve marches into the Helm at Highsun where many a tired and restless labourer are there to drink and be merry. Disgusted by their boorishness, he openly insults the crowd and nearly picks a fight with a half-orc woman before he is threatened to be brought to the constable by the Helm’s owner, Garlen Harlathurl. Steve demands to be taken to the constable anyway.

Sarkas & Torin rejoin Dyno & Erevan at the Sword. Dyno shares what they know while Erevan excuses himself to go to the bathroom. Not long after, their attention is drawn to the ruckus across the street as they look out the window to see Steve being escorted away.

The three quickly go out fearing the worst and catch up to Garlen and Steve. When they learn Steve is not in any real trouble, they decide to go meet the constable anyway.

Erevan re-emerges from the bathroom to find his party gone. Kaylessa points him in their direction.

They meet the constable, Harburk Tuthmarillar, who also works as the town Butcher. Hearing more about the bandit troubles the town has, the party agrees to help the constable for a fee (and one chicken from next door, as per Dyno’s request). Still curious about what they’ve heard of Lance Rock, they press Harburk for more information, but he doesn’t care much for the more supernatural stories. He ruefully suggest they bother the Baker with that.

Erevan, who’s disguised appearance is about to wear off, decided to wait for the party just outside town while they just ask a couple more people for information. The gentle firbolg finds a nice tree to relax under and he communes with nature,

The rest go to meet the baker, Mangobarl Lorren, where they hear more of the same stories that they’ve been told by the different townsfolk, only with ten times more unnecessary details and derailed trains of thought. Lorren offers little to new information except of a sighting he had of a goblin out by the old Tombs outside of town.

Their last stop was to Helvur Tarnlar, Clothier, who’s children had been telling everyone about strange goings on near Lance Rock. Sarkas, who was very well familiar with the famed Clothier, found him and his wife less than willing to let the adventurers talk to their children until he had offered to put in an even better word with the merchant’s guild for them.

The Tarnlar children, eager to meet adventurers excitedly tell them about the supposed things they had seen out in the forests. Getting impatient with their chatter, Steve intimidatingly demanded the children stop playing games and be straight with them. The frightened children hide behind Dyno and admit that the only thing they witnessed first hand was a mysterious dwarf telling them a plague had fallen on Lance rock. While Torin had gotten them to draw a quick map to Lance Rock, Sarkas found himself once again apologizing for Steve’s behaviour.

Satisfied with the information, the party heads out to meet Erevan, determined to first take care of the bandit problem facing the town.



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